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It's Friday Five Time!

1. What food do you like that most people hate?
Liverwurst. A couple of weeks ago, I had a deli counter guy go on and on about how he couldn't believe anyone would eat the stuff. Very annoying.

2. What food do you hate that most people love?
Peanut butter. Can't stand it, even as an ingredient.

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you?
Bill Clinton.

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find

Meg Ryan. She's so perky. We also share a birthday.

5. What popular trend baffles you?
Tattoos and piercings. Don't find any of it (even earrings, really) the least bit attractive. I don't get non-natural hair color, either, but at least that's not semi-permanent disfigurement.

Volleyball was eh last night. On the good side, I warmed up my shoulder by hitting a ball easily against a wall for a few minutes (like playing catch before a softball game), and I had no shoulder pain at all during the session. It's stiff and sore now, but that's way better than last week. OTOH, I played like crap most of the night, and the team I was on won only one game. I seem to be a total jinx. Also, I'm sniffly and my throat is a little sore this morning, so I'm probably coming with a cold. Feh.

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