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Weekend Whines and Dines

Friday night I stopped at Newbury's after work, and found that they were having a 30% sale on used DVDs. I walked out of there with SportsNight, Charade, Chicago, and The Thin Man (which I paid full boat for, que sera, sera). I also came home with a cold, although that had nothing to do with Newbury's, as I was sniffly and sore throaty before I got there.

Given that people are always telling me that rest and lots of liquids are a good thing, I settled in with tea and the DVDs for the weekend. So far I've watched The entire first season of SportsNight, and The Thin Man. SportsNight is even more fun than I remembered. My problem with the show was always finding it, or remembering that it was on. I'm pretty sure I must have missed the last couple of episodes of S1, because I don't remember Rebecca being a complete idiot and breaking Danny's heart. Feh.

Then there's The Thin Man. When I was a kid, I set an arbitrary limit on how old a picture I would watch at nothing made before 1939. Anything made before that couldn't possibly be good. Exceptions were made for the Little Rascals (okay, they weren't good, either), and (after I actually watched them in college) the Marx Brothers (who were very good). Still, that guideline has served me pretty well over the years. Some of the film making conventions of that period were just so down right weird, that even my ten year-old self could see they were just wrong.

Despite all that, I liked The Thin Man quite a bit. Yup, there were some bizarre thirty's movie conventions on display (I think my favorite was when they indicated that a nationwide dragnet was under way by dragging a net across a map of the U.S.), but they didn't detract. Much of the acting is solid, especially Powell and Loy. (OTOH, the woman who plays Mimi makes the most bizarre facial expression when she finds the body. Really has to be seen to be believed.) I was wondering about how Powell would be as Nick, but he's pretty much dead on. My memories of him had mostly been as Doc in Mr. Roberts, when he was much older, so I wasn't sure how he'd work, but he plays the part of a totally functioning alcoholic pretty well. The script is faithful to the book for the most part.

Besides DVDs, I've also been reading comic books on my computer, thanks to the wonders of the interbunny. Somebody has actually scanned every issue of The Legion of Super Heroes since 1980, and put them up for download on BitTorrent. This is almost the best thing ever. I own a good chunk of these in hard copy, but I haven't read them in years, because were talking literally hundreds of individual magazines. It's nice to be able to fire up the computer, and just skip to the issue I want to read. Also, the reader lets you blow up the image for us aging boomers. Totally neat. Now they just need to put up the pre-1980 stuff, and I'll be Happy McHappyperson. I've also downloaded some other stuff, things I'd seen and own, like New Gods and Howard the Duck, and things I hadn't seen, like The Authority and Miracleman. Cool beans.

Also as part of my sitting quietly and drinking liquids regimen, I spent much of the morning archiving threads over at b.org, and got a lot accomplished. Still more to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I also made a big batch of chili, combining my usual recipe with the additional spices (cocoa and cinnamon) from veejane's version of Skyline chili. Smells wonderful, and I have water for pasta boiling up as I write this. Mmmm, food...

OTOH, the cold has begun to drift down into my chest, so now I feel like death warmed over. Took a nap this afternoon, and if anything, feel worse. Feh. Hope I'm feeling a little better tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm out of sick days, and I know I'm out of vacation days, so skipping tomorrow would be expensive. Bother.

Edited to add: Rats, rats, RATS! I appear to have the beginnings of an infestation of grain moths. I had to toss my spaghetti. Fortunately, the ziti appears to be bugless. Feh! vwbug, I may need to consult you...

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