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The Hotties Meme

Snagged from alterjess

Same rules as the boys -- cross off the lame ones, replace with hotties.

20: Uma Thurman Janeane Garafalo
19: Gillian Anderson Maura Tierney
18: Amy Acker
17: Alyson Hannigan
16: Stephanie Romanov
15: Kate Winslet Margaret Colin
14: Naomi Watts Claudia Christian
13: Claudia Black
12: Virginia Hey Jewel Stait
11: Gigi Edgley
10: Sigourney Weaver
9: Catherine Zeta-Jones Teryl Rothery
8: Penelope Cruz Amanda Tapping
7: Eliza Dushku
6: Gina Torres
5: Gina Gershon
4: Amber Benson
3: Angelina Jolie Lisa Ryder
2: Juliet Landau Lexa Doig
1: Jennifer Garner Miranda Otto

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