DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

A Meme is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Memeing from Suela by way of Serenada

Last book you read:
Angry Lead Skies by Glen Cook was the last book I finished, and I skipped and skimmed through Bill James' New Historical Baseball Abstract. Currently reading Tom Clancy's latest, Red Rabbit, and last time I looked at LotR, Frodo and Sam were still following Gollum through the swamps towards Mordor.
Last movie you saw:
Watched a bit of Demolition Man on TBS.
Last movie you saw on the big screen:
Men in Black II at a drive-in outside of Perth, Ontario.
Last phone number you called:
Last show you watched on TV:
Angel, tonight.
Last song you heard:
Doreen, Old 97's.
Last thing you had to drink:
The last of the sparkling lemonade I brought back from Canada. Great stuff. Wish you could get it down here.
Last thing you ate:
Texas chili over angel hair pasta.
Last time you showered:
Last night.
Last time you cried:
When my dog died, er, sixteen years ago, as long as you don't count getting sniffly at the end of Field of Dreams.
Last time you smiled:
Today, while waving at my next-door neighbor's little girl.
Last time you laughed:
Last person you hugged:
Ellen, yesterday.
Last thing you said:
"Pretty good," to answer my next-door neighbor's, "How are you?"
Last person you talked to online:
I don't ICQ much any more. Depends upon whether you consider discussing something on WX conversations. In that case, probably Daniel, which is probably the first time we've ever discussed anything with each other. Nutty and I did some silly e-mails back and forth earlier in the week which were sort of conversational.
Last person you talked to on the phone:
Last thing you smelled:
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