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helvirago's Challenge

Okay, I have committed fic, but it's for a good cause, even if it's not particularly good fic.

Stargate fic for Hel

Daniel Jackson sat hunched over a pile of papers, examining each in turn. Teal'c had found them in a room off the main corridor in the ruins near the P8X-740 stargate, and Daniel was trying to make sense of them.

Colonel Jack O'Neill stuck his head through the doorway. "Any luck?"

"Well, most of this pile," he indicated the stack of papers in front of him, "is mathematical equations. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was somebody's homework. I'm probably going to need Sam's help with a lot of this."

O'Neill picked up the top sheet from another stack of papers. "What about these?"

"Umm, those appear to be fiction."

"What kind of fiction?"


"Oh." He began turning over pages. "Any pictures?"

Major Carter entered the chamber, carrying a scrap of paper. "I still can't dial out. It looks like someone was trying to modify the DHD, but never finished. It's a mess." She handed the scrap to Daniel. "I found this next to it."

Daniel examined the scrap for a minute. "As near as I can tell, it's a to-do list. It was written by someone named Hel to remind herself to finish a project she was working on. She was attempting to interface the DHD with a neural net. She only crossed off one item."

Sam took the list back and said, "So, until we finish what's on here we can't dial out. Which item did she cross off?"

"Make list."

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