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Sold Out

Went out Christmas shopping last night, and wound up buying stuff mostly for me. Stopped at Newbury's to pick up a couple of comics (1602 and Tales of the Vampires), and walked out with a stack of comics, three CDs, and a game. And I didn't even look in the DVD section. Two of the three CDs are replacements for vinyl albums I already own, The Who Sell Out and Tom Lehrer's That Was the Year That Was, so at least those weren't new (to me) things, and they were both under $10. (I also picked up a Laura Nyro greatest hits album.)

I'd been thinking about Sell Out, because hecubot had put it at number one on his list of greatest rock and roll albums ever over a b.org. I don't think I agree with that, but it is one of my all time favorites, and one that I hadn't listened to in years. The CD was just sitting there in the used bins at Newbury's calling to me. It was an easy decision. There are ten (10!) additional tracks on the CD (including a version of Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King") that didn't appear on the original vinyl (at least on the American release), and there really isn't a bad track on the disk. The lyrics are clever and funny and poignant, the instrumental work is fabulous, especially Keith Moon's truly inventive drum work, and you can hear the early versions of the musical themes that would later turn up in Tommy. And in the middle of it all, there's this hauntingly beautiful song, "Sunrise," just Townshend singing with only his accoustic guitar for accompaniment, a tender, wistful love song by a band that was never known for such songs. I dunno. Hec may be right.

The game I picked up was a board game based on Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds and the other Supermarionation series were what I well and truly geeked out on as a kid. I found out yesterday that there's a live action version of Thunderbirds being released this summer, directed by Will Riker and starring Bill Paxton and Ben Kingsley. The trailer looks good, although I've heard a couple of rumblings that the script is awful. I don't care. I will buy my ticket and popcorn, and sit there and watch heroic folks use high performance machines to perform incredible rescues while things are blowing up all around them. Perfect summertime entertainment.

I do have some quibbles with the casting. Paxton is way too young to be Jeff Tracy, who's supposed to be a retired father of five grown sons. He really ought to play Scott. Scott's supposed to be the lead character, anyway. They've also got Lady Penelope, the thirty something upper crust socialite being played by someone who is twenty-two, and Alan is being played by a fifteen year-old! That's just wrong. Anthony Edwards, OTOH, will probably do fine as Brains. I can't wait.

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