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It Must be the Phase of the Moon or Something Today...

Actual conversation with my assistant this afternoon in my office...
Assistant: What's up with the moon?
Me: What do you mean?
Assistant: Why is it out at this time of day (about 2:30 p.m.)?
Me: Huh? (Because I'm erudite like that when someone asks me an incredibly stupid question.)
Assistant: The moon isn't usually out in daylight. What's going on?
Me: It's out in daylight at some point for most of the month.
Assistant: Really? I thought that only happened in the winter.
Me: This *is* winter.
Assistant: Does it come out during the day in the summer, too?
Me: (Starts to go into spiel about orbits and such, then decides it's wasted effort.) No, actually the moon got knocked out of it's orbit by an asteroid, and we have an hour before it crashes into the earth. Maybe you should call your mom.
Assistant: (Gives me a look.) Now you're making things up.
Me: Well, yeah...
Assistant: So, the moon really comes out during the day in the summer? I never knew that.
Me: [Real name]! What are you now, 37 or 38 years...
Assistant: 36!
Me: You're 36 years old and you never noticed the moon in the sky during the day before?
Assistant: Nope.
Me: Thwump...

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