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Sci-Fi has cancelled Farscape, despite initially picking it up for a fifth season. This is just terribly annoying. I suspect they will replace it with another one of their cheesy pseudo-reality shows, which are cheap to produce, and attract a larger and more desirable (from an advertiser's point of view) demographic, that is to say, morons.

I do wonder if the network execs took a look at the recent episodes and couldn't figure out what the frell was going on, and if that had anything to do with it. Many of us have been saying that Kemper appears to have been on the good monkey crack over the past run of episodes. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed this season, the episodes have been difficult follow at times, and almost require second and even third viewings to make sense. This has got to be a problem with casual fans, or even Stargate fans who stay tuned and can't figure out what's going on. To be fair, I always felt that way about Lexx, but I digress. Anyhow, I can see how someone who does not follow the series could be totally lost, which means that it's tough to increase viewership. When you're paying that much for a series, you need to see the numbers go up.

Oh, bother...
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