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Weekend Blues

Kind of a strange weekend. Started it by getting drunk with la_perkins and cass404 at an online wake for Perkins' friend P, who died Friday of the flu. (I'd met P in Maine. She was a lovely woman. What a useless thing to happen.) The binge also helped chase away a few of my own demons, at least for the time being, so that was of the good.

I went into work for a bit Saturday morning, in preparation for our ISO 9001 audit this week. We're in pretty good shape, but I also have to get a first draft of the new catalog ready for Monday, so it's going to be a busy week. Spent the afternoon down in the basement, trimming the last batch of shelves to width, then sanding them all smooth.

I was going to stain the shelves Sunday, but I didn't have the proper paintbrush, and I didn't feeling like driving up to the Depot to get one in the rain. So I cleaned up the basement instead, there being sawdust everywhere. Actually, I would've had to do that before staining, anyway. Afterwards I started hauling books down from the attic to actually place on the bookshelves. Man, I have a lot of books!

I also managed to download a copy of a certain gurlie elf movie, and I watched that Saturday night. It's not a great copy (the colors are muddy, and the sound is too loud), but it's good for being able to check things that you recalled from the first viewing, but didn't write down in a notebook because it never occurred to you to bring one. I will still see it again in the theatre, because a muddy copy on a teensy screen just doesn't make it. I also have to give props the the "Shadow" Bit Torrent client, which really does speed up downloading a lot for those of us stuck on an asymetric cable connection.

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