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There are piles and piles of books in my house. If only I had some bookcases...

Most are in boxes up in the attic or in the back room waiting to be shelved, but there are also a considerable number in piles on the stairs going up to the attic. (When Nutty saw my staircase, she said "You belong to a bookclub, don't you?") Folks have been talking about their unread books today, so I did a quick inventory of what's waiting for me on the stairs that I haven't gotten to yet.

Here's a partial list:

The Weaver and the Factory Maid &mdash Deborah Grabien
(Sitting in the on-deck circle.)

The Subtle Knife &mdash Philip Pullman
The Amber Spyglass &mdash Philip Pullman
The Maltese Falcon &mdash Dashiell Hammett
The Big Sleep &mdash Raymond Chandler

Sharpe's Havok &mdash Bernard Cornwell
Sharpe's Skirmish &mdash Bernard Cornwell
Sharpe's Triumph &mdash Bernard Cornwell
(If Cornwell keeps writing them. I'll keep reading them.)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz &mdash L. Frank Baum
(I read this as a child, but I very much suspect it was an abridged edition.)

American Gods &mdash Neil Gaiman
Starship Titanic &mdash Terry Jones
The Chantry Guild &mdash Gordon R. Dickson
(I started all three of these, and lost interest early on. Will probably try again.)

Rainbow Mars &mdash Larry Niven
Right Ho, Jeeves &mdash P.G. Wodehouse
The Dalemark Quartet (Omnibus Edition) &mdash Diana Wynne Jones
Winter's Tale &mdash Mark Helprin
Mirror World &mdash Tad Williams
The Cryptonomicon &mdash Neal Stephenson

The Thin Red Line &mdash James Jones
(When I was describing the movie version to Tom, he got a pained look on his face, and pressed this into my hands. I really should read it.)

Patriarch's Hope &mdash David Feintuch
(Last book in the Seafort Saga, I really hated the previous one, and now that I think back, I didn't much care for the others, either. What the hell was I thinking about when I bought this?)

Post Captain &mdash Patrick O'Brian
The Hundred Days &mdash Patrick O'Brian
Blue at the Mizzen &mdash Patrick O'Brian
(I didn't much care for Master and Commander, so I may never get to these)

The Head Game &mdash Roger Kahn
Why is the Foul Pole Fair? &mdash Vince Staten
(Baseball books, for a change of pace.)

Twenty-five titles right there. Last year, I read twenty-four books. Sigh. There are also a few other unread paperbacks, graphic novels, woodworking books and other non-fiction reference type books, and oh yeah, sixteen assorted titles accidently ordered from the SF Book Club. (Actually, only getting sixteen accidental books in the four years I've lived here isn't really all that bad. I was much worse about responding to the monthyl offers before SFBC set up an on-line rejection system.) Oh and there's a complete set of Ellis Peters' Cadfael mysteries I inherited from my aunt. Sheesh!

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