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Penicillin by the Pound

Started cleaning out the corner in the basement where I pile all the stuff that doesn't go anywhere else. There's empty boxes, old croquet sets, gardening stuff, a rowing machine, and my old model workbench with a dust-free cabinet sitting on top of it. There's also a couple of sets of shelves, one that's got all the camping gear on it, the other that has some canned goods, beer, and more gardening stuff. The shelves are heavy-duty plastic, because the set of metal framed particle board shelves I originally had in that area got completely covered in mold last summer. Not just a little mold, either. We're talking about major, industrial strength mold. Enough potential penicillin to cure a lot of nasty diseases. Apparently mold just loves the taste of the glue they use to bind particle board together. The mold is what induced me to buy a dehumifier last summer.

When this happened, I dismantled the moldy shelves, applied a lot of bleach-laced cleaner to the shelves, and eventually got them cleaned. Then I finished each of the shelf with a coat of polyurethane varnish, painting it on thick to let it soak in. When they were dry, I put them aside in the workshop, leaning up against another set of shelves. All winter they stayed in the basement, and no mold grew on them. Today I was going to put them together again as part of the organizing effort, so I started assembling the frame, and went to grab the first shelf to install. There was mold on it. Not a lot, and only at the end that had been touching the floor, but there it was. Oh well. I suppose I can clean them off again, and use them up in the attic.
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