Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
10:02 am - Crankiness  
The annoyances are piling up this morning.

Have reinstalled XP a couple of more times. One of these times it will be perfect...

Still having problems wrapping my brain about the whole administrator versus user thing, and why it frelling matters on a single user machine. I don't plan to share my machine, so why should I set up a separate account for me that I would just give admin privileges to anyway? On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be any way to make the administrator account part of the domain, whereas a user account with admin privileges can be. The Administrator account can still see the domain, so I don't know if it makes a big difference. Feh.

Went over to MapQuest last night, and discovered that they've removed two features that I liked, one of which I used a lot. The big one is that they've removed the option for displaying a bigger map than the default. There used to be a button atop the zoom controls that would display a map that was actually large enough to be useful. It's gone, and the underlying functionality seems to be gone, too, as a couple of stored maps I had don't work anymore. I used the feature almost everytime I used the site, so I am very dismayed at this development. The other thing that's missing is the option to show an aerial photo of the area in the map. This was more neat than useful, but I liked the feature a lot.

They have a feedback mechanism, so I used it to enquire what happened. Here's their reply:
Dear MapQuest visitor,

Thank you for your email.

This feature is not currently available on the MapQuest Web site. No additional information is available at this time. We will add your comments to include this feature to our suggestion box. These suggestions are used to evaluate future improvements to the MapQuest Web site.

Please contact GlobeXplorer, our vendor for this feature. You may call them at 1-800-417-7808 and ask for their sales department, or visit them on the web at

We appreciate your comments about the recent changes to the MapQuest consumer Web site at We will forwarded these comments to the Web site producers. Thank you for your patronage of MapQuest, and keeping us posted on your experience.

They feel that the removal of the large map is an "improvement." I presume the GlobeXplorer thing has to do with the aerial photos, but I wouldn't know, because their web site refuses to operate unless you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or better. You can get to the home page, but any pages after that refuse to load in Mozilla. Morons! They also have a feedback form, so I will be letting them no my opinion of their site after I calm down some.

Normally I don't get involved in fannish kerfuffles, because I am a big believer in the theory that "It's just a TV show." It just ain't worth getting aggravated about. However, today I am cranky, so when I read this statement in another LJ,
"People aren't comfortable with slash and watch this show?"

it raised my hackles. I never heard of slash until I started hanging out with the Buffistas, and I had no problem enjoying the show in question, or any of the other fannish shows. To be honest, the emphasis on slash in a lot of show threads actually tends to drive me away from discussion, because most of the time I just don't see it, and I don't find it interesting. So, still not comfortable with slash, and yet I still watch the show and enjoy it. Imagine that.

It's goddamned cold outside. Yesterday at lunch, it was pleasant, sunny, temps above freezing. By the time I left work, the temperature had dropped twenty degrees, and the wind was howling, with gusts that were pushing my truck all over the road. Feh. Ready for spring any time now...
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msbellemsbelle on January 14th, 2004 - 07:38 am
As a founding member of Why Are You All Obsessed With Slash? (WAYAOWS? - yeah, not so catchy) I hear you and nod.

As hard as it is for some people to apparently understand I actually watch the show because I like what is really happening on the screen.
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Suesusano on January 14th, 2004 - 07:42 am
Standing in the Corner with DX and msbelle.
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Veejaneveejane on January 14th, 2004 - 11:54 am
> "People aren't comfortable with slash and watch this show?"

FWIW, a number of shows beloved of slashers are, in my very opinionated opinion, incredibly bad shows. Thus, I would not watch them for any reason but slash. Then again, I am not so devoted to slash that I would watch an incredibly bad show for very long. I have a thing against incredible badness.

But yeah, with the big assumption and "oh those silly mundanes" attitude implied in the above.
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grime and livestockcofax7 on January 14th, 2004 - 01:39 pm
I'm sorry your hackles were raised.

But let's put it this way: here's a show that includes torture, rape, genocide, depression, bondage, and canonical bisexuality, as well as a fair amount of slashy subtext. Putting that all into the mix, I don't think it's outrageous to be baffled by readers who love the show enough to want to read fanfiction for it, but who are so deeply offended by stories that include torture, rape, genocide, depression, and bisexuality that they want those stories to be segregated so they don't have to read them. And they certainly don't understand why someone would write them.

Nobody's insisting everyone must read slash or see the slash. And believe it or not, there's damned little slash written in Farscape. But putting special labels on slash where those labels aren't required for het stories with the same level of explicitness? Because there's same-sex content? That I don't agree with.

YBMV, and that's cool.
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DXMachinadxmachina on January 14th, 2004 - 07:10 pm
What raised my hackles wasn't the labeling issue, or any of that. Doesn't really bother me one way or the other. What bothered me was a snide comment wondering what people who don't enjoy slash could possibly find interesting in this show. Just call me a mundane.
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