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Last weekend, I stained the last batch of shelves, then finished them with a couple of coats of urethane this week. Yesterday I did a final sanding of the finish with a scrubby pad, and they were done. Which means the project which I started on January 4 last year is finally done. Of course, if I had any kind of work ethic they would've been done by July. Still, go me for finally finishing a project.

Now it's just a matter of putting books on them, and the organization of same. I've already hit knot. I have a bunch of coffee table sized books on aircraft and ships. About half of these are a bit too wide for the shelves (the depth of the shelves was determined by the location of the room's door). I have a few options. I can put all of them into a different, deeper bookcase, or I can put them all in this bookcase, and let the big ones stick out, which was how I did it in my old apartment, but is aesthetically unpleasing, or I can split them up, with the smaller ones in this one, and the bigger ones in the other. Must ponder, although I'm pretty sure I won't do the last.

Watched the new version of The Goodbye Girl on TNT last night. It's okay. I still don't see why they remade it, since the script is almost identical to the original's. The apartment set is identical. Even the actors were chosen, it seems, for their ability to mimic the people who played the parts in the movie, except for Jeff Daniels, who is about as opposite from Richard Dreyfuss as one could possibly be. I like Daniels a lot, but I don't buy him as Elliot at all. He's just not weird enough.

Michelle Wie shot par for two rounds of golf in a men's PGA tour event in Hawaii this week, missing the cut by only one stroke. She's *fourteen* years old, and had a better score than 47 of the guys. Holy mother of pearl. Go her!

Also spent some time this weekend working on my entry for the Music thread Bride of Frankenmix round robin. Among other things, I figured out how to rip songs from an old cassette tape, and found a song with the name "Pleiades" in it, although I probably won't use it, because everybody and his/her brother already seems to using that name already. Now I just need to figure out how to hook the turntable up to the computer...

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