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Slipping Away

Huh. Haven't updated in a few days. Work has been worky, and the annual long winter night depression seems to have settled in for the evenings, so the days have just been slipping by. Haven't even been particularly interested in doing memes.

I did go to volleyball last night. I played well, my team played well, and we didn't lose any games at all. It was a good evening. Afterwards wasn't quite as good. With the late dinner and the muscle stiffness kicking in I didn't exactly sleep the best, and there were some rather vivid dreams, none of which I can recall. Frustrating, that.

It's going to be a busy few days. I've promised that the new first draft of the catalog will be ready for distribution Monday morning, and there's still quite a lot to do. Fortunately, I think most of the major changes are out of the way, and the rest is just fixing style stuff. If people would leave me alone for a little bit, I might actually finish this thing, although more likely I will be working most of Sunday to get it done.

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