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I Hate Computers

The weirdest thing just happened to our Apple G4 running OS X here at work. I installed a printer driver for our Xerox copier, then restarted the machine. As the machine was shutting down, I hit the CD eject key, which locked the machine up completely, requiring me to unplug it to unfreeze it. When the machine came back up, it was running OS 9.2. Further restarts don't change this. What the frell?

(To be honest, I hate OS X, and we don't run any critical OS X only apps, so this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I really, REALLY, hate surprises like this...)

As noted, I am at work. I just finished the last of the edits, and am printing the thing out as I type this. Declared yesterday to be an R&R day. Drove up to Harvard Square, and walked around in the really bitter cold with no hat or gloves in search of used record stores. Found some good stuff, but not everything I was looking for for the Bride of Frankenmix. After that it was over to Tom W and noradeirdre's, where attempts to get their over-sized bureau around the narrow corner and up the stairs failed utterly. Was not allowed to cut away the newel post. Pout. Still there was good company and lots of beer. Afterwards, ellenbs and I went to dinner at an Indian place in Davis Square. All in all, it was a good day.

Now it's frelling freezing outside.

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