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Monday, Monday...

First draft of the catalog is done, and is being duplicated. On top of the interesting Mac behavior of yesterday (Rob at b.org informs me that it's a feature, not a bug, and told me how to fix it if I so desire), I was unable to connect any of the Macs to our Xerox Document Center to print copies directly. Dunno what's up. The printer drivers are installed, but the only printer they can see on the network is the HP color laser. What I need to do is drag the IBook down to other end of the building, and try connecting it directly to the copier. Maybe tonight.

After I got home from work, I spent much of the afternoon working on the Bride of Frankenmix. Hooked the turntable up to the computer, and ripped a few songs from vinyl. Sucked them in with Music Match, then touched up the resulting mp3s in Cool Edit Pro to remove pops and clicks, and the tracks wound up sounding pretty good. Not as convenient as direct from CD, but it really doesn't take all that long per album. I have a lot of LPs that I could rip.

I finally hit upon a workable theme for the mix. I had several groups of related songs that didn't seem to hang together very well. It was bouncing around from folk to power pop to blues with little rhyme or reason. Now there is structure. Sort of. We'll see.

Finished reading debg's The Weaver and the Factory Maid, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not my usual cup of tea, but there's a mystery, so all was well (even if I was wrong about where the mystery was headed). Looking forward to the next one. (Side note, yesterday I discovered that I have a copy of Fairport Convention's cover of "Matty Groves" on my hard drive, so I'll be able to play it whilst reading.)

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