Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
9:18 am - Nature's Pageant  
There was a dead Canada goose laying across the walk between my side door and my driveway this morning. At first I thought something had killed it (Coyote? No way a cat could kill a healthy goose), but it didn't appear to be chewed at all. There was blood, but it looked like it had all come out of its mouth. There was a lot of blood in the vicinity that looked as though it had been coughed up. Probably hit by a car (geese are pretty stupid about cars), and dragged itself up my driveway to expire.

Anyway, I went back inside and got a trash bag, and managed to get the thing into it so I could get rid of it. Stupid goose.
Current Mood: blech
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sumisumik on February 4th, 2004 - 06:41 am
Well, at least you didn't step on it. . .

I can report no dead animals so far this morning. I guess I am lucky.
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arliss: flyarliss on February 4th, 2004 - 07:58 am
H used to work in a complex near several lakes, and got to see low-level flyovers daily. Canada geese used to graze on the well-kept lawns of the complex, too, and paddle in the runoff catchponds. One day he watched a small flock, maybe 12 individuals, flying low, just skimming above the single-story buildings. One unfortunate wasn't quite high enough, and pancaked into the side of the building. The rest of the flock kept going.

He always speculated the chatter went something like, "Guys, keep it low, my mother-in-law's too busy yakking to notice how close the building is!" Or, "Heheheh, old goofy Herman's so dumb. He's nearsighted, too. Everybody stay low till the last minute. We'll get 'im this time."

On the other hand, the complex where H works now has residents who nest around the catchponds and several small natural lakes, and foxes who prey on them. Last year a fox killed a female sleeping on her eggs. The male guarded the empty next for nearly a month before he disappeared. Either the fox got him, too, or he flew away.
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