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Got Words?

Feeling down, low self-esteem, that kind of thing? Here's a great way to improve your vocabulary and impress folks with your erudition. Chicks will go wild for you, friends will marvel at your intelligence, and mundanes will think you're classy (spoken with a Cranston accent). Check out Weird and Wonderful Words -- a daily (M-F) e-mail with a word you may never have heard, a weird or whacky word, but always a wonderful word!

Here's an example of the kind of email you'd get:

[NOH-boh-dad-ee] a word used by William Blake as a disrespectful name
for God. By extension, used for someone no longer admired. A blend of
nobody and daddy.

See? Wouldn't your friends/family/co-workers/fellow inmates at the asylum be impressed if you used that word in conversation? You, too, can get a weird and wonderful word a day delivered right to your e-mail inbox, for the low low price of NOTHING! That's right -- you get this mind/vocabulary/conversation/popularity enhancer absolutely FREE!

Can't beat that with a stick.

Here's the link to sign up:

(Disclaimers - Impressage of friends and potential sexual partners not guaranteed. Trained driver used for all linguistic stunts, do not try linguistic stunts at home without proper training. The list is a great source of training. A friend of mine is involved with this list.)

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