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More Moving

Helped Shane and Michelle move to their new place in Narragansett today. It was a bigger job than the other moves I've helped with lately, but we had lots of people helping, and the new place is a ranch house, so no carrying stuff to the third floor. What was kind of interesting was the looks that some of the new neighbors were giving us as we unloaded stuff. Not very friendly looks. One lady did stop as she was driving down the street to say hello, but the others just sort of glared. Very different than when I moved into my house, where the neighbors on either side came over to introduce themselves. There's a couple of possible explanations for this. The first is that URI students account for a huge number of rentals in Narragansett, and the locals are not very fond of this group of tenants, what with the partying, etc. Not that any of us particularly looked like college students, but who knows.

The other possible explanation is that they were worried that a black family was moving into the neighborhood. Now, Shane and Michelle are white, but Blake and Kenny, who were helping with the move, are black. Kenny's wife and children were there also, so to someone not in the know, it would be unclear which family was actually moving in. Blake, Kenny, and I were watching the neighbors, and joking about it, but it can't be easy to put up with that kind of crap. People really piss me off sometimes.
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