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Went to volleyball last night for the first time in three weeks. Had two busy weekends in a row that had to be prepped for, and even if I'd had the time to play last week, the school was closed for spring break. (Which reminds me that at some point I want to put up some kind of report of the doings in LA.)

Last night sucked. The team I was on lost every game, and none were even close. We all played like crap. There was one game where I had one good run of plays, but other than that I sucked. Skipped dinner at Tony's afterwards because I was so down on myself that I didn't want to inflict the mood on anyone else. Feh.

Work is worky. The catalog's final draft was reviewed while I was in LA, and I got the final changes yesterday. Not too many, but there was still enough to do that I wasn't able to get it finished today, which means I really ought to go in on Sunday to try to catch up. Double feh.

I'm in a monumentally crappy mood.

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