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Volleyball tonight. Played a hell of a lot better than last week, so that's good, and the team I was on played better as a whole. It was fun, even when we lost. One minor injury to report. I mishit one ball such that I only hit it with the tip of my index finger, which jammed the nail down into the nail bed (quick ouch), and sprained the finger itself (longer lasting ouch). It stiffened up some at dinner, and I expect it to be really stiff tomorrow, but I've iced it. That's about all I can do.

Blake had the Girl Scout cookies I'd ordered from his daughter with him tonight, so I have tasty cookies. Still have a couple boxes on order from my neighbors' daughter, too. Woo hoo!

Did the absolute final corrections on the catalog today, and then gathered all the files, graphics, and fonts required into one folder, so it's ready to burn to disk tomorrow. Double woo hoo.

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