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Impulse Buys

I should not be allowed to go to computer shows unescorted anymore. For a while now I've been having trouble getting Flash to boot up cleanly. Sometimes it works, other times it just hangs at various points in the sequence. There was also one very warm evening when the hard drive started making funny noises, and the computer locked up. To me that's a clear warning that the hard drive is unreliable. Also, I discovered that I can't connect my SCSI scanner to Speedy, because with all the other devices I have installed, there is no free IRQ for it, and either Win 98 or the BIOS won't let me fiddle with the setting to try and work it out. This is not actually a big deal, because I can always hook it back up to Flash, but Alexander was showing me his new Microtek 4900 USB scanner, which has 4800 x 2400 DPI optical resolution, a slide adapter, and only runs about $129. There was a computer show at CCRI today, so I took a ride up there with the intention of getting a new hard drive, and maybe, I repeat maybe, pricing USB scanners. That was the plan.

I wasn't there five minutes, when I found myself handing over my credit card to buy a refurbished HP 21" Trinitron monitor. I mean, it was a steal! It was $139 plus tax, and the guy didn't even hit me with a credit card surcharge. A couple more minutes later, I was wheeling a cart with my precious on it up the ramp and out to the parking lot. Sigh...

I did get a hard drive, a 30GB Maxtor 7200 rpm for $63, from the same guy I get all my drives from. Plus I picked up some assorted doodads, but no software and no scanner. Restraint R Us.

The monitor is huge. Speedy currently has a very nice 19" ViewSonic short-back monitor, but that's the machine that's on my big desk, so I might put the new monitor there for the time being, where there's enough room for it. Flash does need a new monitor, as one of the color guns in the picture tubes keeps clicking in and out, but since right now it's on a really narrow desk, the big monitor won't fit.

What I'll do eventually, is throw the DVD drive and an ATI All-in-Wonder video card into Flash, put Flash and the big monitor in the back room, and use it as the world's most expensive television, now with internet access and games!

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