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To Clean, or Not to Clean

I was in a strange mood this morning. I felt like cleaning. This is a very rare thing. Anyhow, I cleaned the kitchen, then I decided to tackle the attic. Now my attic is where the majority of the stuff I own wound up when I moved in four years ago. And I own a lot of stuff. Early on, when I was using the attic as my bedroom, I managed to keep it sort of organized. Over the years, though, entropy has completely taken over up there, and now it's a mess. I need to correct that, because I want to start converting it to living space, and it'll be so much easier if I can walk around up there without tripping on things.

I knew there was no way I could do it all in one weekend. There's just too much stuff, but I did set a goal of doing one corner of it. I wasn't completely successful, but I did accomplish quite a bit before I got side-tracked. Among other things, I managed to find my copy of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, which I'd wanted to read on the plane to LA, but couldn't find when I first looked.

Then I got distracted. It wasn't the kind of distraction I usually get when I'm cleaning, where I'll chance upon something I haven't seen in a while, and then spend my available time looking at it rather than cleaning. Nope. This was different.

It started innocently enough. There was a big old pile of towels just laying in a heap on the floor. I'm pretty sure at some point they had been piled on something, but were later knocked over, and I couldn't be bothered to pick them up. Until today. They'd been sitting there on the floor for a long time. Anyway, I hauled them down to the basement, and threw a load in the washer. Then I noticed that it smelled awfully musty down there.

Now it was raining out, and had been all night, but it hadn't seemed all that hard to me. Turns out it must've been a lot harder than I thought, because there was a huge puddle of water over on the other side of the basement in the workshop. Not especially deep, maybe a half inch at most, but it covered most of the floor. Fortunately, most of the valuable stuff was off the floor. Some wood flooring left over from the back room project was ruined, and an old seat pad that I've been using a kneeling pad for thirty odd years was ruined, but it could've been a lot worse.

Vacuumed up most of the excess with the shopvac. (Of course, this was after I got coated with saw dust while emptying the vac of the detritus resulting from my recent projects. Hack, hack, hack...) After that I cranked up the dehumidifier to high, and let it go to work. It's still at it. It'll be a while.

Never did get my motivation back after that. Just plopped in front of the computer intending to play Civ III, but couldn't even drum up the motivation for that.

The weird thing is that every other time I've had water in the basement, it's come from the other end of the house, by the laundry. Feh.

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