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Water, Water Everywhere...

Remember how I said it was weird that the water in my basement was in the workshop rather than over in the laundry. Turns out it wasn't the fault of the rain after all. Went down to check things out this morning, and there were a few puddles still. I presumed it was just the water I'd pushed around while vacuuming settling into the low spots overnight, so I vacuumed the remaining puddles, and went upstairs to do my taxes.

Fast forward to mid-afternoon, when I go back down to see how things are doing. The puddles are back and they're bigger. And it's a gorgeous sunny day outside, so it definitely ain't the rain. It was then that I noticed that the water seemed to be coming from the vicinity of the furnace. Back when I built the prototype for my bookcases, I wound up placing it directly in front of the furnace, which means I don't really see the furnace all that often anymore. When I looked back there, I noticed water dripping from the pipe leading from the pressure relief valve. Tried fiddling with the valve to see if I could get it to close properly, and the drip turned into a stream. Just. Frelling. Great.

Shut off the furnace, and the water going to the furnace, then I got out a big wrench, and removed the valve from the system. The gasket was frelled, and a loose piece of it was jamming the valve open. Put it in my pocket, and headed out to the Depot, who it turned out didn't have what I needed. Bother. They had one valve that could've worked, but it had a female fitting instead of male, so I would've had to add an adapter, plus it seemed snazzier and pricier than what I actually needed. Went over to Mancini's to see if they had one, but they were already closed. Tried a couple of other places, but again no luck. So I went home, and reinstalled the old valve until I can track down a new one. Removing the old gasket helped. It doesn't seal completely, but now there's only a drop every minute or so imstead of a constant stream. I put a bucket under it to catch the drops, then I vacuumed up the remaining puddles. Now the floor is finally drying out. Tomorrow I'll see if Mancini's has the right valve.

Two things - First, I should've trusted my instinct about the weirdness of the water at that end of the house. Second, I am very happy that it was a malfunctioning valve rather than some nebulous leak from the outside. The valve I can fix.

Federal taxes are done, and I'll do the state taxes tomorrow. Getting a decent refund, so that's good. New windows for the house.

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