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Strange Days Indeed

Weird night of volleyball for the team I was on. In some games we were clicking on all cylinders and kicking ass, and in others we played like dullards. Got beat 11-1 in one, and it wasn't even that close. It was just odd.

Spent the day chasing bugs in Access. I think I need a bigger hammer. Meanwhile, I have reinstalled XP on my new computer yet again due to the mess I was making of it trying to get Office 97 to run on it. It won't frelling upgrade. I tried to install the SR-1 update about five times, and it keeps telling me it was successful, but the SR-2 says the programs are still at base level. Checking the logs confirms this. I think my only hope is to do a clean install on a 98 machine, upgrade it to SR-1, then copy the updated files to my computer, and them let SR-2 have another go. I frelling hate this. I did manage to figure out the best way to migrate Mozilla, so that's set up. Another major annoyance on the horizon. Windows Messaging doesn't work on XP, and Outlook Express can't handle the Microsoft Mail service, so it looks like I'll have to install Outlook. I hate Outlook with a fiery passion. There has to be a better way.

Started working on my state taxes this morning. RI tax form used to be a piece of cake. It took about 10 minutes to do. Now it's a frelling nightmare. At least I'll get money back.

Still seriously aggravated with life. Feel like walking away from everyone and everything, maybe become a forest stranger or something. Yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, thanks for the view.

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