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That Was the Week That Was

Busy, busy week. Here's a boring, annotated recap. Film at eleven.

Tuesday: The new Buffista board launched with a bang. The Phoenix is flying, and I mean flying. It was virtually impossible to keep up. The other thing that was interesting was that WX crashed just as we were about to close it down. Very ironic, that.

Wednesday: Got on the bike for the first time in more than a month. Every summer I do this. I get a good start on a bike program, rack up some miles in May and June, then completely slack off in July and August. Now it's late September (and I really should be back at school...) and there's only a couple of more weeks where there'll be enough sun in the evenings to take a decent ride. On the plus side, I've lost about ten pounds since the beginning of July without biking, which is just weird. I felt good while riding. Felt pretty strong, and my knees didn't bother me.

Thursday: Drove up to Somerville for drinks with the Villains, and to meet Suela. Much fun was had by all. Got home by midnight, which is quite reasonable for a school night.

Friday: Back up to Somerville to watch the premiere of Firefly at Connie's. Had quite an adventure getting there. There are two routes that I take into Cambridge/Somerville. If the event is on the Cambridge side, I'll usually go north on 128, and take the Mass Pike in, which drops me off in the vicinity of Central Square. OTOH, if I'm going to the Somerville side, I'll go south on 128, and take 93 in. This last has not usually been a problem, although there were huge backups at the 93/95/128 interchange for folks heading south the last couple of times I went that way. Fortunately, I'd been planning on taking the Mass Pike in both times anyway, so no skin off my nose.

This time, there was no huge back up at the interchange, so I blithely headed on down the highway. It was 7 p.m., so there should have been plenty of time to get to Connie's. Ran into the first jam at Quincy Adams cut off, because they were taking four lanes of traffic down to three. This was exacerbated by an accident a couple of miles further on, so it was bumper-to-bumper til we got past that. After the accident, traffic moved briskly for a couple miles, but then I hit the mother of all traffic jams. It was about 7:30. By 8:15 I hadn't even reached the tunnel yet, and 93 ahead of me looked like a parking lot. I saw exit 19, Downtown, and figured that I had nothing to lose at this point, so I might as well make an adventure of it.

Got off the highway, and was deposited in Chinatown. Remember for a moment that I had never been to this part of Boston before, but I knew that if I could get to the Charles, I could cross a bridge into Cambridge. I had a vague idea of what direction to go, so off I went. Down a street that was totally torn up for repairs, but at least I was moving again. Followed traffic along, because *they* must know where they're going, kept going in the general direction I wanted, and suddenly found myself at the Common. Now I was set, because I knew how to get to the river from there. I just followed Beacon Street until I hit Mass Ave, crossed the river, got to Central Square, and turned right. Turned out to be easy. Finally got to Connie's at around 9, in time for the second half of Firefly. After it was over, we watched it again. I enjoyed it. I have quibbles, and there's at least one bit of bad science I noticed later that'll bug the everlasting crap out of me if they don't address it, but it was okay. Took 93 home, and traffic was still backed up at 11. I suspect I'd still be in that jam if I hadn't gotten off the road when I did.

Saturday: Busy all day. First I picked up the lawnmower from the repair shop. Turns out it wasn't the spark after all. The head gasket was blown! Apparently, the really loud noise that I thought was a backfire, wasn't a backfire at all. It was the frelling engine exploding! Sheesh. That cost $40.

Next I went up and finally got the bed lid installed on the truck. It looks great, and now I can put stuff in the bed, and lock it up if need be. I was going to go directly from there to Nora's brunch, but as usual I forgot to bring the directions. So I went home, snagged the directions, and headed off once more to Boston. No traffic to speak of, yay. Had another good time there. The high point was when Nora's mom asked me, "Aren't you a little old to be watching Buffy?"

I was thinking about heading down to Newbury Street after the brunch, but it was humid, and I just wanted to head home. Found two packages waiting for at home. The first was a little notebook with Penguins on it that msbelle sent me. That'll go in the truck, since the one I was using to keep track of mileage and stuff got waterlogged. The second package was the OMWF soundtrack, and I was kind of disappointed. The songs are presented without the accompanying sound effects and dialog, which is fine for songs like the parking ticket song, which is drowned out otherwise, but detracts from songs like "I've Got a Theory". Plus, the poster that came with the CD was damaged.

Today, I did the weed and feed thing to the lawn, did the laundry, and started installing Win 95 OSR2 on the new hard drive I installed in Flash. Got to the end, and got a weird error, and it would only boot to Safe Mode, so I scrubbed it down, and am reinstalling again. It's been awhile since I put 95 on a machine. I was going to take a bike ride this afternoon, but it started raining about 4, so I didn't. Tired now. Boring recap ends.

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