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When the Rain Comes...

It has been raining cats and dogs and ferrets and hamsters the last couple of days, and it's still threatening today. There are warnings of flooding near the assorted tiny rivers we have in these parts. I had some water in the basement last night, too, spilling down the wall by the side door. No puddles, so thanks for small favors.

Nature has been less kind to my neighbors. The area is pretty much dead flat, the development having been built on a former potato field, so theoretically all the land is at the same height. When the builders landscaped their property, they don't seem to have backfilled the plot with as much topsoil as mine got. In general, my neighbors' yard is several inches lower than mine, and there is standing water everywhere. Much of this has probably run downhill from my yard. It's even worse in their back yard, because they cleared out the evil thicket behind the property, extending the yard by quite a bit into land that was never filled, so now they have a swamp back there. Have I mentioned he's been trying to sell their house? Not good.

So the weekend is coming up, and I don't have anything scheduled. I have a couple of things that I definitely need to do. The first is to go shopping for a new bike. My bike is ten years old, and is still serviceable, but I've had to put an awful lot of dough into repairs in the last year, and pretty soon it's going to need new sprockets. I'm looking for a hybrid (basically something halfway between a classic roadbike and a mountain bike), but the ones most of the manufacturers seem to be offering these days are closer to "comfort" bikes, nice for little old ladies out for a quick turn around the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, less so for the kind of riding I do. The other thing that annoys are some of the current frame designs that a lot of companies are using, with a slanted top bar that just looks wrong.

If it's nice, I also need to do some work in the yard, specifically prune the two pear trees, and do some thing about shrubs and perhaps getting some other trees. One thing I need to do regardless is to start some tomato seedlings.

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