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The bike? Still unridden. It's actually been nice enough to ride in the evening the last couple days, but I haven't been getting out of work until 6 or 7, so by the time I'd get home it'd be too late.

So instead of going directly home last night, I took a ride up to Warwick to try out the new opened Dick's Sporting Goods superstore. I wanted to pick up some accessories for the bike. I'd never heard of Dick's before they built this place. Looking around as I entered, it was different than the Sports Authority. TSA is arranged like a standard discount store. A big open area in the middle of the store for clothes, surrounded by banks and banks of shelves hold equipment, with an aisle or two devoted to each sport. Dick's has the central area with the clothes, but they break up the shelved areas into sports boutiques, with each sports grouping walled off from the ones on either side of it. No walking around the perimeter of the store here. There are cutesy names for each area, too. The hunting and fishing corner is called The Lodge. It's all very claustrophobic and off-putting.

The bike area at Dick's was disappointing, mostly geared towards mountain biking. The main thing I wanted to get was a bike computer for the new bike. (A bike computer is what we used to call a speedometer when I was a kid.) They only had one, and it was thirty bucks, and it looked chintzy. Pass. I browsed a bit in the baseball area, and was surprised at how few softball bats they had on display. They did have a lot of gloves, so I tried a few for old times sake. Found a Wilson that I really liked, but I had no reason to buy it. Ah well.

Drove across the highway to the local Sports Authority. I hadn't been there since last summer some time, and as I walked in the front door, I noticed that they were remodeling. They were converting the shelved areas to boutiques, just like Dick's. Feh.

They did have a decent bike computer for only $20, though, so I bought it. I still like my old computer better. It's more stylish than this one, but it's 12 years old so I can't get a second sending unit anymore so that I could fit it on the new bike as well as the old. I suppose I could put the new one on the old bike. Decisions.

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