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Wireless in Chelmsford

It's been raining buckets all day, and this morning's commute up here through that weather only added more fuel to my decision to ask for a hotel room. And they gave it to me with no hassle at all. So here I sit in a very, *very* nice room with free, high-speed connectivity. And there was the rub.

I didn't have a wireless adapter for my laptop. Never needed one before today. Now I could've used dialup, but high-speed connectivity was right there, surrounding me, taunting me. And I recalled seeing a Best Buy when I was driving around yesterday, so off I went in search of an affordable wireless card. I drove out to where I thought I remembered seeing the store, about a mile from the hotel. And it wasn't there. What I did find was a massive traffic jam that killed a good half hour of my time. It was while inching along a side road that it occurred to me that I'd actually seen the Best Buy on my way home last night, in a mall about 25 miles south of here. Dumbass.

So off I went, toodling down 495 in a frelling deluge. It dawned on me about half way there that the reason I'd gotten the hotel room was to avoid driving. Double dumbass. Finally found the store, got a card, and headed for home. Again with the rain and nearly zero visibility. It was still pouring when I got back to the hotel, and I was tired of feeling like a duck, so I ordered room service rather than venture out for dinner, and settled in to install the card. It took a couple of tries, mostly because the information in the room about how to access to system was wrong, but I got on. As you can see. I could get used to this.

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