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Sequel or SQL?

So the great wireless experiment? Not so great. AIM doesn't seem to work at all in any incarnation, even AIMExpress. E-mail is spotty. It's timing out a lot when I try to get to my main account. I've had better luck with my b.org account. Web browsing is mostly okay, although posting to b.org takes forever. Checking out of here tomorrow, and sometime thereafter I will again be connected to the net by thin copper wire, as God intended.

The course has been pretty good. The basic "everything you wanted to know about SQL" part of the course finished up yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the way it went. I was already familiar with most of the concepts since Ive been designing databases for the last ten years, but I've never had any formal training, and the course filled a lot of gaps in understanding. Plus, that part of the course was mostly vendor independent, so I should be able to apply the knowledge to MySQL or PostgreSQL projects just as well as to SQL Server apps. Today we started the SQL Server administration part of the course, so totally Microsoft centric, but that's what I need for work.

Being familiar with the material has allowed me mostly to sit back and listen. I haven't had to ask a lot of questions. Would that were true of one of my classmates. At some point I may have to give in to my urge to beat her to death with a shovel the next time she asks a totally clueless question. I may just be cranky. I like my partner well enough, but the fact that everything is done as team project is starting to chafe a bit. I'm not used to working like that.

The rain finally stopped this afternoon, and the evening was gorgeous. The healing process seems to have slowed some, although it does progress.

One more day of class, then I get to frolic a bit tomorrow night. Woo!

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