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Gorgeous day today, clear skies, in the seventies. Perfect bike weather. However, since the grass didn't get cut this weekend because of all the rain, I had to mow the lawn instead. It takes about an hour to mow the lawn, which is an hour walking behind a self-propelled lawn mower. I generally walk about three miles per hour, but the mower is slower than I am, so figure about two miles total. Plus there's the manhandling of the mower at turns and around trees and stuff, so it is some exercise, just not quite as high a quality as a nice ride would've been. Sigh. Maybe it'll still be nice tomorrow.

The lawn is in pretty good shape. I spread a fertilizer/crab grass killer on it back in April, and the grass has come in very thick, much better than last year. There were some dandelions around in later April, but they seem to have vanished, which is unusual. This weekend I want to spread some weed and feed. Still won't be a nice as the guy's across the street, but he puts way more effort into it than I am willing to. Besides, the grass is *always* greener...

More good news on the computer front. I connected the hard drives and the various cards back into Speedy, and it still works. There are some conflicts, because I think I manually changed the IRQ for the sound card PCI slot when I first installed it, but it looks like the new motherboard has done the trick. Just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna brain wipe C:\ and reinstall Win98 from scratch. This ought to be pretty painless, since I had put very little on this machine. As long as I'm tinkering, I'm also going to add a CD drive to complement the DVD, which I found to be kind of sluggish when being used for CD-ROMs. The CD was a spare that I cannibalized from a work machine, so no cost, which is a good thing.

Edit: How come Live Journal cuts off the last character of the post when I save an entry? It's easy enough to work around. I just have to remember to add a carriage return or extra space at the end of the post, but that's a pain. Time to look around in the FAQ.
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