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Back to Work

It's another beautiful, sunny day here, and I'm stuck inside. Again.

I took a quick walk around the house this morning, and it turns out my daffodils are in full bloom, probably for a few days now. Pretty. My lawn is going to need cutting soon. I should probably try to start the lawn mower at some point.

The other thing that is of concern is that I noticed a water stain on the ceiling of my bathtub enclosure this morning. It looks a lot like a coffee cup stain, except the cup would've had to be able to stick to the ceiling. Which means there was water dripping down from somewhere above the enclosure. Now there's nothing really above the bathtub. It's fitted into a little cantilevered enclosure that juts out from the back of my house. There's a little shed roof on top of it, so either that roof is leaking (not very likely at this point), or the flashing where the roof butts up against the rest of the house is leaking (wouldn't surprise me at all given the way the windows leak). I was actually pretty happy to come home from MA to discover that all the rain last week *didn't* manage to find it's way into the basement. Bother.

Trying to catch up on a ton of work. This business would be a helluva lot easier if we didn't have any customers to deal with. :)

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