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Notes on a Rainy Friday

It's raining hard here. I glanced out my front window this morning and noticed that the rhododendrons are starting to bloom. Soon there will be all sorts of pink in front of my house. The ways flowering trees are mysterious. This past Tuesday was the fourth anniversary of my closing on my house. One thing I remember about that day was turning into the far end of my street, and noticing for the first time that there were flowering trees planted all up and down it. I hadn't even paid attention enough to even notice that there were trees in the first place, much less that they flowered, and yet there they were in full bloom. As I drove along, I occurred to me that I had no absolutely no idea whether or not I had any of the trees on my property. Turns out I did. Two of them, in fact. Gift with purchase.

The thing is, four years ago, those trees were in full bloom on April 20. This year, it's April 23, and the buds are just starting to pop.

Speaking of the yard, I am way behind on yard work. The aforementioned trees need to be pruned, there's a big bag of TurfBuilder sitting in the bed of my truck waiting to be spread, and the lawn wants for mowing. Before I can do the last, I need to tune up the lawn mower. I was going to drop it off at the repair shop a couple of weeks ago and have them do it, but that would've involved me picking it up of the ground and wrestling into the truck. That's not going to happen for a while. I'll take a ride up to Sears tonight and get the parts I need to do it myself. The only problem with that is my general ineptness with engines in general, and small engines in particular. To paraphrase Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October, "Once again we play our dangerous game with our old adversary, the Briggs and Stratton 7 HP two-cycle engine."

I also never managed to start any tomato seedlings. Bother

And then there are the big projects. I want to get the windows replaced this year, so I have to start looking into that. I want to put up a garden shed, so I can have a place to store the lawn mower, and the tools, and so I can get my bicycles out of the living room. Once the bikes are gone, I can start doing the living room renovations. Pull up the carpet. Put down a floor of some kind, paint the walls, and build an entertainment center. And have it all done by the fall. (Heh.)

Live Journal has changed the way it presents your friends list on the profile page. Now communities and syndicated feeds get their own sections. I like it.

There was this tiny old airport in Griswold, CT, alongside the road I take when I drive out towards Hartford. Driving by airports is always a fun thing for me. Probably the possibility that I'll see a plane take off or land. It always saddens me when one closes. Anyway, the last time I drove by, I noticed that someone had built a mini-storage facility right in the middle of it. It hadn't been an active airport for a few years, so I knew it was only a matter of time before it disappeared, but this made me especially sad. The old runway is still mostly there. It runs along for awhile, then there's a fence and the rows of concrete block storage sheds, another fence, and then the runway picks up again. They didn't even have the decency to bury the rest of the bones.

I finished The Big Sleep a while back, and now I'm reading The Maltese Falcon. I really don't like Sam Spade much. It's kind of hard to root for any of the characters. I'm also pretty sure I know who killed Miles Archer, and I'm less than halfway through it. More when I finish, maybe a comparison of Marlowe, Spade, and perhaps Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, too, now that I've read Batman: Year One. Immersed in noir am I.

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