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Spring Fever

Yesterday I did battle with the lawnmower and emerged victorius. New plug, new oil, new filter, new blade, a little methanol in the gas to bind any water in the tank, and liberal application of ether into the cylinder did the trick. It still took awhile for the engine to burn out the oil that had seeped into the cylinders over the winter, but in the end it worked, and the lawn got mowed.

It was a lovely day, if a bit windy, so it was nice to be outside, but I'm feeling terribly out of shape. Walking around behind the mower (it's self-propelled, so it's mostly just a matter of making sure it's pointed in the right direction), was a lot more taxing than I expected. Part of this is because the muscle in my side is still bothering me quite a bit. I was beat last night, and in pain, so I applied mass quantities of alcohol internally, which seems to have helped some. I wasn't all that stiff this morning, and my side doesn't hurt quite so much.

The pear trees still haven't bloomed, but the rhododendrons look good, and I have some lovely daffodils sitting on my desk right now. I was going to do a little pruning, but the day has turned cold and gray, so instead I'm watching a downloaded copy of the award screener version of a very popular award-winning film.

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