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Nowhere to Go and Nothing to Do...

So I did a bunch of chores I've been neglecting. It was a beautiful weekend, sunny and seventy, so I became yardwork man. Trimmed the hedge and the bushes around the house, and also hacked off some pieces of the evil thicket that were intruding into my space. Still trying to figure out exactly what to do with the bushes in front of the house, specifically the junipers on the corners of the house. They are huge and ugly, plus I'm slightly allergic to juniper anyway, so I want them gone. The question is what shall I put there to replace them? I love forsythia, and I need to put a couple of them somewhere, but I'm not sure I want forsythia there. Meanwhile, the two rhododendrons are fine, although they both actually have some blooms on them today. I think the warm weather has them a bit confused.

There was also some lawn mowage yesterday, which was accompanied by very little foot pain. Yesterday morning, the foot wasn't too bad, and today it feels pretty good, even after trudging around behind the mower yesterday. We'll see how it goes.

Did a few household chores, too. The air conditioner is out of the back window, and safely stored in the basement. And the kitchen is mostly clean. Should be able to finish that off tomorrow night.

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