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Existence Is Futile

At least that's sort of how I've felt lately. Not bad, not good, just sort of coasting along, existing. I have little to talk about, so I haven't said all that much. My current book is First Contract by Greg Costikyan. It's okay. Nothing great, nothing awful, nothing memorable.

I've been buying DVDs and actually watching them. Picked up My Favorite Year and Lilies of the Field, two favorites of mine. Hadn't seen Lilies in ages, and still like it a lot. It's such a gentle, charming story. There's still a big plot hole in the middle of it, when Homer has the big blow up with Mother Superior and drives away. He's gone for a couple of weeks, and then just shows up one Sunday morning as if nothing happened. Where did he go, and why the hell did he come back?

Other additions were A Merry War and Big Fish. I stopped watching War (aka, Keep the Aspidistra Flying) about a third of the way through, despite the fact that it has some wonderful actors, the lead character is just such an obnoxious, whiny git that I gave up. Fortunately, I only paid $6 for it. I need to watch Big Fish again, because I was running the dishwasher while trying to watch it, and I couldn't hear half of what was being said. It wasn't quite what I expected, but not in a bad way.

There was one highlight to the weekend, which was going out Friday night with a few of the Somervillains to celebrate helvirago's impending degree. That was great fun.

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