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If You're Going to San Francisco...

Well, okay, Oakland.

Got up at 3:40 am to catch a 6:00 am flight out, with a very quick plane switch in Chicago. Arrived in Oakland a little before 11, rented a car, and then drove over to SFO by way of the San Mateo bridge to pick up the just arrived veejane. It was a lovely day for driving, and I'd never done that particular bridge before. From SFO we went off for a little drive around San Francisco, with Vee using the Somerville Library's copy of Fodor's Guide to San Francisco to chart our course. We drove over to the coast, and only missed one turn in doing so, and recovered quickly and efficiently, so go us. We stopped for a bit at Golden Gate Park to take a quick walk to the edge of the Pacific, just to say we had, then headed back across the city to pick up cofax7. One way streets were involved, so there were lots of opportunities for missed turns that we took full advantage of. This is fairly typical of our combined driving/navigating skills, and at least this time we didn't actually go down any one way streets the wrong way. Go us again.

We found Suela, and we all drove over to her house, where I left the ladies while I went over to the hotel to check in. Nice room. All sorts of expensive internet access options, and yet there seems to be free wireless. Around 5, I joined a whole pile of people who were in town for the wedding for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in the Oakland city center. Afterwards, we walked over to the Paramount Theatre, a wonderful, fully restored art deco movie palace. We sat in the balcony and watched Viva Las Vegas in all its cheesy goodness. Ann Margret is in it with Elvis, and it occurred to me that her first big part was opposite an Elvis impersonator in Bye, Bye Birdie.

Now, I've been up for exactly 24 hours, so I am heading for bed. Tomorrow there's this wedding, but before that there's little league baseball. Woo!

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