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Saturday Recap

So, there was this wedding. Actually, there was much more than that. It was a very full day.

I started off by joining a tour of the Paramount Theatre, where we had seen Viva Las Vegas the night before. It's a grand old art deco movie palace built in 1931, and it was completely restored in the early '70s. I learned about art deco (it's all about zigzags and swirls), that the theatre lobby is designed to remind one of a redwood forest, and that there's an amazing optical illusion in the tiles in the anteroom to the men's lounge. The grids in the ceiling are made from a grade of sheet steel otherwise known as "garbage can" steel, because that's what it was normally used to make. However, you can't very well make art deco designs in snazzy buildings out of something so plebian as garbage can steel, so it was renamed "silver fins" when used for that purpose.

I had to leave the tour at about the halfway point to meet up with Tom S so we could go watch Hec's son's little league game. He's a great little player for a seven year-old. He can hit the ball, catch the ball, and throw the ball. His team is well coached, too, and they made short work of the opposition. Not that they were keeping score, because they are little, and one wouldn't want little egos crushed too early in life. All the kids appeared to be having great fun.

It was also very sunny, and like an idiot, I brought no sunscreen, so I got a mild burn on my face, and a slightly worse one on the half of the back of my neck that was facing the sun while I was watching. Ouch.

By the end of the game, Tom and I had been joined by Jon and msbelle, so after the game the four of us headed over to Berkeley to shop a little, and get some lunch. After that it was back to the hotel to change into out finery for the wedding.

The ceremony was lovely. Hec was all dapper, and JZ wore a gorgeous, slinky bridal gown. JZ's spoke her vows with wonderful emotion, and began to cry, such that several kleenex had to be passed from one end of the attendants line to the other.

(side note: The Gospel reading was (naturally) about the wedding at Cana, when Jesus performed his first miracle. He changed water to wine of such quality that the guests remarked that it was unusual for a host to save the best for last. Meanwhile, I was struck by the phrase, "When you're having more than one." I am so going to hell.)

I shot some very funny video outside of the church, featuring some very funny Buffistas. I need to capture and edit it so I can post the best bits.

The reception was fab. The food was excellent, and the alcohol plentiful, champagne, wine, cosmopolitans, Mexican coffee... And then there was the cake. The cake was on display in the lounge area, and everybody was peering at it very intently, because the was all this writing on it. It was Oz's "Monkeypants" speech from "What's My Line?" written on the sides of the cake in frosting. So very cool. Or so very puzzling, I suppose, if you weren't one of the Buffy watchers at the party. On either side of the cake were action figures of Oz and Willow, along with a Witch Pez dispenser.

Hec had burned all the music to be played, and as usual it was a great mixture of dance tunes (some of which I need to bug Hec to burn for me when he gets back from his honeymoon). Lots of dancing occurred, and some of it even by me, because how can you possibly resist doing the Snoopy dance to "Linus and Lucy." There were also some variations of the white man's shuffle on later tunes. Plus there was a slow dance mixed in there (I had a very tolerant partner, IJS). Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any photographic evidence of this.

All in all it was a great day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have cleaning to do as I have visitors coming. Then it's off to DC.

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