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The LJ Jinx...

A week ago I was waxing rhapsodic about the Dodgers, who at the time had the best record in baseball. They haven't won a game since. Five straight losses, including four at home, and three straight to the frelling Reds, who were under .500 until they got to Dodger Stadium. Last night they lost to the Phillies 8-7. The once-again-acting-dead Wilson Alvarez got shelled, but was lucky enough to leave the game with the score tied at 6, so didn't take the loss. One good thing about the game was that the bats seem to have come alive a bit. Feh.

The other good thing is that they are still in first place by a game and a half, because the Padres were losing, too. Elsewhere in the division, Randy Johnson of the Diamondbacks threw a perfect game last night, beating the Braves 2-0. The Big Unit (at age 40) is the oldest pitcher to ever throw a perfect game. He's also probably the tallest player to ever throw one. It was the first perfect game in the majors since David Cone threw his in 1999, and only the 17th since 1880 (yes, that is 18, not 19). Good on ya, Randy.

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