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Back at work to find a ton of problems, most of which are probably due to operator error, even though the operators in question swear up and down they they did things exactly the same way they always do. (Note to operator #1 - you've already told me you did things out of order in the first problem you came to me with today. Why should I believe you now?) Also, anyone remember the password for the anti-virus control panel on the server? Anyone? Bueller?

I had breakfast at Union Station yesterday morning, a three block walk from the hotel. It was very warm, but not as humid as it had been, so it was a reasonably pleasant walk. The sun was especially sharp, so on the way back I picked my route to take advantage of the shade provided by various tall buildings. This meant walking down F, then turning onto New Jersey Avenue, which runs north-south with tall hotels along the east side of the street to block the sun. Except that when I turned onto NJ, the trees along the street were all showing shadows, which they shouldn't have. Not only that, but the shadows were in the wrong direction, and the light surrounding them was bluish, rather than the warm yellow of sunshine. Took me a second to realize it was sun reflecting off the National Organization of Realtors headquarters across the street. Very cool effect.

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