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Saturday Morning

It is a gorgeous day outside, sunny and in the mid-sixties. Later there will be bike riding. Meanwhile, however, I am at work doing something I should've finished yesterday, but didn't. Procrastination is a harsh mistress. It's okay, nobody's here, so it's quiet and peaceful.

Last night I watched OMwF and some of the extras on the Buffy S6 DVDs. I'd seen most of the Fury featurette before (an abreviated version was available on the web before the ep actually aired). There's karaoke, which would've been fun to have at the F2F.

This morning there were bills to pay, and CDs to rip, and then I wound up here. Shrug. Later I need to drop my favorite watch off at the repair shop to repair the damage done to it in the accident (the crystal was smashed and the (metal) watchband got ripped apart). Plus I want to plant tomatoes this weekend, so I need to get some seedlings somewhere.

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