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Back in the Saddle Again

There was bikeage this evening. Not a long ride, just under 7 miles on the bike path. I rode the widowmaker. I still need to make some major adjustments to it. The handlebar is way too low, perhaps four inches lower that the handle bar on the Univega. My hands are so low it feels like I'm in the ready position to start a swim meet, and really, diving forward on a bike is the last thing I want to ever do again. There it no obvious way to adjust it, so I need to look at the manual, or take it back to the shop to ask there. I did replace the saddle o' maximum discomfort with a better one, and it was comfortable enough. Except for the handlebar thing, the bike is fun to ride. It goes uphill a lot more easily than the Univega.

I was wondering a bit how worried about falling I would be while riding again, but even while hunched over in the position of impending launch, I was never actually fearful of going over the bar. More careful doing bumps, perhaps, but not afraid. OTOH, I am terribly out of shape.

Sidenote. The PTB of Amtrak are building a monstrous pedestrian crossing bridge at Kingston Station so passengers don't have to cross the tracks to get to the opposite platform. Good idea, but what they are building is so frelling out of scale with the old Victorian station that it's ludicrous.

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