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Good Day

Odd, lazy sort of day. The sun never really appeared from behind the high overcast, so it was cool out. I mowed the lawn, and while out there I noticed that I already have two teeny tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant. Woo!

(Garden side note - Among the vegetables served at the Hec and JZ's wedding were golden beets, which a couple of people hadn't known about previously. If anyone ever wants to grow their own, here's a source.)

I spent the rest of the afternoon processing F2F video. I managed to import and encode the video from Friday evening, about a quarter of the total footage. I'm getting more familiar with the editing software. I've broken the video into chapters, and even added titles for each chapter. Go me. Now if there were just some way to add a commentary track. And to find someone to do the commentary.

The other thing that happened today is that my brandy new special edition DVD of The Princess Bride showed up from Amazon. It appeared in my gold box last weekend, and now it's mine. Watched all the extras tonight, then the film with Rob Reiner's commentary. Very fun.

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