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Photocells and Firefly

Did my homeowner thing for the day, The photocell on one of the porchlights had failed, which meant it was on all the time. Fortunately, Home Depot carries replacement cells, so it was just a matter of taking out the old one, putting in the new one, and making sure all the wires are connected. Worked the first time, so all is well.

Next on the agenda is Kailash's surprise party for Alka. Of course it won't be much of a surprise, because he accidently copied her on the invitation he e-mailed to everyone. I was a bit worried, because it was still raining when I got up this morning, but the sun is out, and everything is drying out. The bad news is that the cold front hasn't gotten here yet, so it's about eighty degrees and very muggy.

I'm bringing the volleyball and the croquet sets to the party. I probably won't play volleyball, because the finger is still pretty sore from Thursday. OTOH, the newfangled tape job I did on my foot worked great. No pain, no limp yesterday morning. That's the first time that's happened after volleyball in a long time. Yay tape!

Very funny, very quotable Firefly last night, which is a shame, because given the ratings so far, it'll probably be gone. It doesn't help that they didn't show it in NY or LA because of the Yankees-Angels game.

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