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Matchups Revisited

So the pitching matchups for the series have changed. Rather than push everyone back a day so that Perez could start the first game of the series, Tracy just swapped Perez and Ishii in the rotation. It worked last night as Ishii beat the Blue Jays, 6-1. Good outing. Perez still goes tonight, but Weaver pitches Saturday, and Nomo acts as sacrificial lamb to Pedro on Sunday. The Red Sox changed things up, too. Lowe goes tonight, and "to be announced" goes on Saturday. It originally looked like Wakefield would pitch tonight, but then Arroyo got smoked Wednesday night by the Padres, and Wakefield had to pitch an inning of relief, which threw off the rotation. So now it'll probably be Wakefield on Saturday against Weaver, unless something weird happens.

The Sox beat the Padres last night, so going into the weekend the Dodgers and Padres are still tied. The Giants managed to lose two out of three to Tampa bay. Tampa Bay! The Padres get the Yankees this weekend, so no let up for them.

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