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I Don't Want a Pickle

So, a month ago, bossman volunteered to serve again on the chemical standards subcommittee that I enjoyed so much the first time I was on it. Talked to LP at the time, and he said he'd talk to the chairman of the full committee about it. Finally heard from the chairman today, who said he'd propose me to the committee, and BTW could I make the meeting in DC on Wednesday morning, as in day after tomorrow. No, I can't make it. You waited until two days before the frelling meeting to ask me?!? I didn't say that of course. I merely expressed my polite regrets that I would be unable to attend this one, but I'll certainly be able to make the next meeting in April. Sheesh.

I'm just as happy not going to DC right now, considering there's a nutcase shooting people with a high-powered rifle, apparently at random. See mearagrrl's LJ for some of the warnings her employer's been issuing. Scary stuff.

Watched the Angel premiere last night at Jon's house with most of the other Somervillains. Hec is in town, and it was much fun to see him again. I finally gave up trying to make snazzy VCDs out of the video I shot at the Chicago F2F, so I made plain old dubs onto VHS for Hec and Jon, and we watched the tape prior to the ep. Hugely fun to watch with a crowd. Really liked the premiere, too. We also watched a couple of episodes of Space Ghost, and then I headed out. Going back up tomorrow night for Buffy and the continuation of the Hecufest at Ellen's.

That is, I'll be going if I feel better tomorrow. I've had a low grade headache most of the day. I think it started during the meeting C and I had with Incompetent Sales Manager, but that could just be a coincidence. That was around ten this morning, and it's still sort of there. Dinner isn't sitting all that well, either, and now that I mention it, I'm feeling a little achy, too, so I'm going to bed now.

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