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Waiting for Tomatoes

Weatherwise, we had our third perfect weekend out of four, cool and dry, if a bit breezy. I spent some of yesterday cleaning for an impending visit by my sister. Then I had to take a ride up to Cambridge to help a friend, and I got a free meal out of it, so it's all good.

The higher temps and humidity of the past week have been good for the tomato plants, which had quite the growth spurt since last weekend. No itty bitty green tomatoes yet, though, except for the cherry tomato plant, which has a cluster of five. meanwhile, both casperflea and jonquil have fresh tomatoes in their (necessarily warmer) parts of the country. Sigh. The muskmelon plants haven't grown much at all, but at least they haven't died yet.

There were a lot of things I wanted to accomplish today, but I didn't feel all that great, so I mostly sat around. I spent some time in the sun reading an old Hardy Boy book, The Phantom Freighter. The last time I read it I was probably still in grade school, yet I still remembered a couple of lines verbatim. Scary that. Even scarier is the plot setup, which involves an eccentric, new-in-town, older man hiring two teenaged boys to plan an exotic vacation trip that they will then accompany him on, with the full approval of the boys' parents. It's not even considered out of the ordinary. My how times have changed.

I also downloaded and watched two previously unseen-by-me Wonderfalls episodes, "Crime Dog" and "Safety Canary." Both were fun, and now I want more. Again.

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