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The Mysterious Affair of the Royal Blue Bin

Living out in the country as I do, our municipal services do not include trash pickup. Our waste removal options are to either contract a private trash hauler, or take the stuff to the town transfer station. However, the town does provide curbside pickup of recyclables. When you buy a house in this town, the town issues you two bins, a green one for paper, and a blue one for bottles and cans and suchlike. I keep them tucked away next to my side door stoop. In my neighborhood pickup is on Fridays, so this past Friday morning I dutifully hauled the blue bin out to the end of the driveway, and went off to work. (The green bin had nothing in it this week, so no need to haul that one out.)

When I got home that evening the bin wasn't there. I wouldn't have even noticed it was gone, except that I saw the green bin sitting all alone in its cranny while I was unlocking the door to the house. I took a quick look around to see if maybe it had been blown away by a gust of wind or something (on a perfectly calm day), but no luck. Someone had swiped it. God knows why. Kids probably. It gave me something to rant about to my sister on Saturday.

I was going to call town hall yesterday to see if I could get a new one, but forgot about it. Forgot about it today, too. However, when I got home this evening, there it was, sitting next to my mailbox. Actually, I'm not sure it's even the same bin, but who cares? A bin's a bin. Now, of course, I'm trying to figure out what happened to it. It didn't just walk away by itself. Next thing you know there'll be crop circles in my back lawn.

The other thing that happened this evening was that I got on a bike and took a ride. It's been a month since I took that first ride after the accident, but I just haven't been into it since. It's been laziness, mostly. There's also some anger with myself for spending a bunch of money on a bike I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable with.

Anyway, tonight I hauled to Univega down off its storage hooks and took it out. It was a lovely evening to ride, sunny, 70°, no wind to speak of. Did a nice easy seven and a half miles. It was so comfortable being on the old bike. Yes, it's twice as heavy as the new one, but I don't feel like I'm sitting in launch position when I ride it.

My legs felt strong, but there was no stamina. There's still a little pain in the left wrist, and working the left thumb shift hurts if I try to do it normally. I discovered that if I stiffen the thumb and jam it at the lever instead of merely squeezing it, the tendons (ligaments?) don't hurt nearly so much.

Anyway, now I just have to convince myself to get out there more often. I'm already kicking myself for squandering all those gorgeous weekends we've had this month.

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