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It's Hot; I'm Lazy...

It is a lovely holiday weekend so far. Yesterday was another gorgeous day. Today it is near ninety out, but not ridiculously humid, so I can deal. It helps that I finally installed the a/c in the back room Friday night, so I have a place to retreat to.

One can also escape the heat in an air conditioned movie palace. Saw Spider-Man 2 yesterday afternoon with veejane, helvirago, vwbug, and vw's brother. It was entertaining enough. It's certainly not a great film. The most annoying thing about this film is that I've seen it before, except that time it was called Superman II.

Things I liked:
- Alfred Molina was great as both Octavius and Doc Ock. He made me care about what happened to Octavius. Not his fault the plot was so ridiculous. He's also a very large man.

- The "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" sequence.

- Bruce Campbell's cameo.

- The fact that the neighbor girl looked like a real person instead of a WB clone.

- The elevator scene.

Things that annoyed:
- The science. Gratuitous used of the word "Eigen value" just to have a fancy word in the script, even though Peter's use of it was totally wrong. Why not just reverse the tachyon flux. Tritium is a gas, not a geometric solid. Dumping a miniature star into the river to dowse it? Please.

- The laboratory. Who the frell puts a nuclear fusion laboratory in a loft on the East Side? That's why God invented Nevada. Plus Harry could've saved a bundle on rent.

- The arms. They went to great lengths to show Octavius as the very well-adjusted human being, one who is also incredibly intelligent. He is hardly a megalomaniac. Yet he then straps on a set of artificially intelligent and psychopathic limbs, and allows them to dig into his nervous system. But it's okay, because he's protected himself with a 29 cent phone jack. That's mounted in the open on the most vulnerable spot on his body.

- The chain saw. Why was there a chain saw in the operating room? Chain saws are used to cut wood not metal, and even on non-metallic things they are hardly what you'd call a precision instrument. Do they get a lot of call for cutting up wooden legs or something?

- The train. When Spidey and Doc Ock landed on the train, Vee wondered aloud how the hell they had gotten to Chicago. I'd forgotten that there are no els in Manhattan. I was more bothered by what happened afterwards. First of all, the el was like a hundred feet in the air. It reminded me of the scene in The Blues Brothers where the Nazis drive off the unfinished highway ramp and fall a half a mile before they hit the ground. Second, trains have air brakes. The way air brakes work is that their default setting is brake. The engineer has to to open a valve to release the brakes to allow the wheels to move. If you cut power to a train, or disable the controls somehow, the brakes close automatically and stop the train. Third, why wasn't anyone trying to escape from the car that was hanging halfway off the tracks over the river. For the fourth, see the next point.

- The strength. When did Spidey become as strong as the Hulk? Comic book Spider-Man could never hold up an entire side of a building. Not that I recall, anyway. I couldn't believe he tried to stop the train as though he were Fred Flintstone. The way he actually stopped the train was better, but the real Spidey wouldn't have used his arms to hold the webs. He would've attached the webbing directly to the train, thus avoiding potential shoulder dislocation.

- The bank. What kind of bank has that many gold coins in it's vault. They couldn't have been Saquies. If they had, it meant Doc managed to steal maybe $500, tops. Hardly worth the effort.

- The chocolate cake. It wasn't even chocolate! It was some kind of yellow cake. Maybe there was some chocolate frosting. Much as I liked the actress, the scene was pretty much meaningless.

Vee's comments on the film are here, and I agree with much of what of what she says.

The other annoying thing about the movie was that the guy sitting next to me was completely leaning into my chair. It wasn't just a matter of him hogging the armrest. He was completely over the armrest, and we were leg to leg through most of the film. He wasn't even all that big. Fortunately, the theatre is new and the seats are wide so I was able to squeeze over a bit without impinging on Vee's space.

The funniest thing last night was the reaction vw's brother had to the rest of us picking the film apart afterwards. He was rolling his eyes forever. "It's just a summer film. You're not supposed to think about it." "Hello, have you met us?"

The final verdict? As far as comic book movies go, I liked Hellboy better.

The rest of the night was good. Went to dinner across from Fenway, then back to Chez Virago-Bug for a game of Munchkin. That was great fun, and it was exciting as we were all pretty much even at the end when bug and brother managed to win simultaneously. Hel had the best moment of the night, single-handedly defeating a level 20 Plutonium Dragon whilst wearing a chicken on her head. In the game. No actual poultry were worn.

Today was spent lounging around, watching Hel's copy of Clouds of Witness, another Wimsey miniseries. I made crepes with raspberry syrup for brunch, mostly so I could have a couple of slices of Taylor Ham with it.

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