Monday, July 19th, 2004
10:54 am - Catching Up  
I've had lots to write about, but no time (or ambition) to actually do something about that. The July heat and humidity has finally arrived, so much the weekend was spent trying to keep cool. Sue and youngest niece came up Friday night and stayed over so they could pick up eldest nephew from Brown the next morning. That was fun. We watched Chicken Run again. I spent much of Saturday afternoon reading comics and napping.

Much of Sunday was spent on Yahoo games playing Literati and Mahjong, followed by a trip to Natick to watch Harry Potter 3 at the IMAX with some of the Somervillains. The IMAX in Natick, MA, is a very strange experience, because it's contained within a huge furniture superstore. Coming through the main entrance of the store, you walk along this New Orleans themed "avenue", with showrooms off to the sides, and a restaurant. Then the avenue come to an end, and you're just wandering through furniture showrooms until you finally find the escalator to the theatre. Very odd. I took a wrong turn at one point and wound up in a showroom that looked like a huge version of Henry Higgins' library in My Fair Lady. That was pretty cool, but I was more interested in examining the bookshelves than the furniture, so it was kind of wasted on me.

I liked the movie a lot, better than the previous ones. I thought the original book was the best of the first four, as well. I loved the throw away scenes of the whomping willow and the bluebirds. (Which reminded me of the film clip of Randy Johnson accidently hitting a dove with a pitch that ESPN included among their top 25 blunders of the last 25 years. Except that was a real bird, so not quite as funny, even though I couldn't help but laugh a little the first time I saw it. Johnson throws a 95 mph fastball, and just before it reaches the plate, a dove swoops into the ball's path and gets hit. From the behind the pitcher camera shot, all you see at first is this enormous explosion of feathers, which is a funny sight just hanging there in front of the plate. It's only on replay that you notice the poor bird's body ricocheting off to the side. My next thought was to wonder whether the pitch counted. Yes, I am a horrible person.)

I harvested two more cherry tomatoes yesterday, bringing the season's grand total to three. Soon I'll have enough for salad. Woo!

The Dodgers have won six straight. Woo!
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Veejaneveejane on July 19th, 2004 - 08:23 am
Okay, that is hilarious. I am imagining the poor catcher being like, "Is that a passed ball? Do I have to catch it now, with all the bird blood??"

I mean, poor bird, and kinda gross, but mostly hilarious.

In the annals of "What the hell was that?", I think that one wins a prize, and double points for it not involving the injury of any players.
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